Shoe Trends for 2017 + How to Wear Them!

Shoes can absolutely make or break an outfit. They can take a simple look and boost it to the next level of awesome. Although the Sandbox in the City is known for its extensive selection of clothing, we are get rave reviews on our smaller but trendy selection of footwear! A current and functioning wardrobe requires an equally current footwear selection  to complement that wardrobe.

Dated, worn out and ill fitting shoes and boots need to go, NOW. Unless they are vintage and amazingly fantastic, shoes rarely come back "in style". They’re always tweaked or revamped to contemporize them. Not everyone can afford a huge selection of shoes, however a few classic styles paired with one or two updatedtrends are really all you need to make "it" work.

As many of our Sandbox social media followers and longtime customers know, when we do our seasonal buys for the store, we try on every piece of clothing to make sure it feels good, looks good, and is worth the price they are asking us to pay. If it does not check all the boxes, it goes back on the rack. NEXT!


The same goes for our footwear. We choose the most comfortable, wearable shoe trends for a price we think is reasonable for the quality. We try to choose styles that are not soooo over the top that they will appeal to only a chosen few, but instead select those that we can gently edge our customers to try, easing them into a new look in which they still feel like themselves (only better)! AND, we also encourage people to "try them on", if we bring them to your dressing room. Many shoes look totally different than what you expect at first glance. Clothing looks different on a body than on a hanger, and shoes look different on a foot than sitting on a shelf —trust us!

To help you navigate the new spring trends, we've put together a few looks and the shoes to pair with them.

Trend: Mules
Here we have a white-soled casual mule. Although mules can take on many looks from casual to dressy, this style is fun and easy.


Jamie is wearing a slim rolled Jean with an updated floral "sweatshirt". The sporty mules from Vince Camuto are the perfect choice. This trend works for most ages when styled to reflect"you". Notice the lightly distressed, worn jeans. When paired with the correct footwear, and top, even the over-50 set can own this look. YES, even you.

Trend: Spring Booties
Short booties are very much on trend this spring and summer.


Here Jamie is wearing a cropped jean and feminine patterned blouse with a great lightweight jacket. The soft cream coloured boots from TAXI keep the look fresh and airy.

Trend: Athleisure sneakers
Super cute kitschy sneakers from Ellen Degeneres are a perfect match for this outfit. 

Jamie is wearing a flared, unfinished hem (on trend) and cropped jean with a relaxed tie top. Style at any age is about attitude! Not everyone can pull off a look like this, but Jamie can. The positive words scattered on these shoes can't help but brighten anyone's day. If cropped flares aren't your thing, a boyfriend jean or even a tank style casual midi dress would look amazing. LOVE THIS LOOK!

Trend: PomPoms and laces
This shoe has two trends going for it and how sweet are THEY.


Cassie is wearing an edgy tunic dress with a built-in tie skirt. These cute tie up sandals from Vince Camuto are a spot on choice to make this look rise to the top. For ladies that are a bit more conservative with their clothing style, footwear is a great way to show their more adventurous, fun side. These sandals would be great paired with a skinny jean, shorts, or a Maxi dress!

Trend: Metallic and stacked heel
Again, this shoe has two trends going for it. We call this look "Miami Vice".

Cassie could be strutting the streets of Florida in this fresh combination of white jeans, floral blouse, and straw fedora. The light coloured, treaded sole shoe from RUDSAK looks simply amazing! The rubber soles add a slight platform to the front of the footbed, making them super comfortable. Paired with pants, jeans, or a dress, these shoes are winners!

Trend: Cutout details and stacked heel
The cutout trend is not only huge in clothing, it’s equally big in footwear.


In this look Chelsea is wearing a great floral dress and jacket with shoes from Vince Camuto. However these would look just as good with a cropped, rolled, or skinny jean. This is a MUST-HAVE TREND!

Trend: Denim, cutouts, stacked heel, laces
Denim fabric shoes are a huge trend this season.


Chelsea is wearing a fitted semi-casual "pineapple" print dress and white denim jacket for this look. This lace-up pair of denim fabric shoes from Vince Camuto are a perfect choice to tie this look together. FANTASTIC!

Trend: Ballet flats
Ballet flats are a pretty common look any season. The difference with these ones is the slight wedge sole.


For those who need a touch of height or can't wear totally flat shoes, these black ones from RUDSAK are the answer. Cassie has paired them with an on-trend patterned skinny, loose tank top, and black lace ball cap. IT JUST WORKS!

Trend: Gladiator
We hope this trend NEVER goes out of style. It just looks so amazing with a great pedicure!


Cassie is wearing a cute midi "cat" dress with a cropped denim vest. Black-with-gold-detail sandals from Vince Camuto not only look awesome with this outfit, but pair well with a dressier dress, black cropped pants, skinny jeans or Maxi dress/skirt.

Trend: Flatforms, twists, white soles


This look has three trends tied up in one cute shoe. Juanita is wearing a patterned lightweight Tunic with a legging and denim jacket and of course this sporty shoe from Kenneth Cole! These shoes are so comfy she took three pairs: black, soft rose, and denim lace up. We think she loves them…

The shows we've shown here are just a few of the MANY styles we carry at the Sandbox in the City. (Check out the video HERE or at the top of post to see more!)

Stop by for a look and if you are wanting a little persuasion to try something "new", just ask. What do you have to lose?

Colleen Tait