Lost + Found Part 3: Rhonda's Reveal!

We have arrived at the end of our style makeover journey with Rhonda!

Hopefully for Rhonda, this is a jump start to finding her best and happiest self. All of us need an extra boost of confidence every now and again when we lose our way. Sometimes it's as simple as a new haircut or colour, a new way to do your makeup, or an updated look. The main thing is creating a change, ‘cause what we're doing right now "ain't workin". Time to shake things up and start taking better care of ourselves! Yes, there comes a time in all of our lives when the number one priority in life is not always ourselves. But we at The Sandbox are here to tell you that it is still detrimental to carve out that small block of time to make sure YOU are still, at the very least, on your priority list!

If you happened to miss Part 1 and Part 2 of our makeover process, here are the two “before” photos of Rhonda from when she first came to us.

The first photo is of what she would wear for a casual outfit…


The second photo is of what she would wear to a dressier summer event.

As you can see from both photos, neither outfit did Rhonda's figure any justice as they both simply covered "everything". She wore no makeup and hadn't been to a hair salon for over 5 years. In Part 1, Rhonda shared her story, and Part 2 of the makeover process outlined the different services our Experts used to transform Rhonda. (Worth the read! These ladies are amazing.) 

Okay, now for The Reveal...drum roll please!

Outfit, Hair, and Makeup  #1 Before + After:

Outfit, Hair, and Makeup #2 Before + After


WOW, what a difference — Rhonda looks 10 years younger!! Her hair now has life and movement, her skin looks amazing and her eyes sparkle, and she now has a defined and flattering shape. BEAUTIFUL. You can clearly see, even by Rhonda's posture and smile, that she has more confidence. When asked how she felt about her overall experience, here’s what she said:

"This was a great experience. It made me feel good about myself again. I am not a person who likes photos, but having the photo shoot made me see myself differently. I looked great and felt  more confident than I have in years."

For more information or to book a consultation with one of our EXPERTS, here are Rhonda's thoughts on each service, as well as their contact information and services.

Megan Schindel, the Sandbox in the City - 306 955 6600

Megan offers a private 1.5 hour clothing/wardrobe consultation for $100. Of course, she and the rest of the Sandbox team are available during regular business hours to give wardrobe and style advice when you hit the dressing rooms!

From Megan: “We tend to ask a lot of questions here at the Sandbox, as we need to know the details. Are you attending an event? Are there parts of your body that you feel self conscious about? Are there any trends that you are interested in trying? The list goes on. Second, if you want style and fit advice we need to see everything you put on, ESPECIALLY if you don't like it, or it doesn't fit properly. WHY? Simple. If we know what DOESN'T fit and what you DON'T like, we can more easily find what will fit and reflect your personal style."

Rhonda's thoughts on working with Megan: "Megan knew exactly what I liked and asked the right questions. She was able to dress me in clothing that was fashionable but also comfortable for me. Megan knows her clothing and put together a couple of great outfits that I can wear without feeling constricted. She is very friendly and listens to your needs.”

Joy Tesch, Visions Salon and Spa - 306 244 4443

Joy has been a hairstylist for 12 years. She truly values the importance of continually upgrading and enhancing her skills. Her services include hair colouring/cutting, color correction, and hairstyling. She loves styling hair and provides on-location wedding services. She is also constantly involved in local photo shoots. Joy is currently a mentor at Visions Salon, training new and upcoming hairstylists. Joy's personalized attention will ensure you leave Visions looking remarkable and feeling rejuvenated.

Rhonda's thoughts on working with Joy: "Joy had great ideas for my color and cutting my hair so it was very versatile for work and everyday styling. She made me feel very relaxed and made the whole experience very enjoyable."

Kelsey Friesen, Kelsey Rae Makeup Artistry - 306 292 9790

Kelsey is a self-taught makeup artist and has built up her skills by training with other local makeup artists, attending workshops, and practice, a lot of practice. She has been featured in multiple magazines, news articles, and campaigns. Kelsey works out of her home-based studio. She offers personalized makeup lessons, special fx makeup, spray tans, and lash and brow tinting. She also recently created her very own lash line: Wynx Luxury Lashes. Kelsey says, "Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to makeup, because at the end of the day, it washes right off."

Rhonda's thoughts on working with Kelsey: "Kelsey had some great ideas for low-budget makeup and how to look great without using a lot of makeup, as I don't wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis. She is very friendly and makes you feel at ease."

Here is Rhonda, shortly after her makeover, in a family photo with her daughters Jamie and Jessie.

So pretty!

Rhonda's final thought on her style makeover: "This was a great experience. It made me feel good about myself again. I am not a person who likes photos, but having the photo shoot made me see myself differently. I looked great and felt  more confident than I have in years."

YAY, RHONDA! Thank you for being open to this experience and embracing the process! We loved working with you.

Do any of you out there feel like it's time to put yourself back on your priority list? As always, we're here to help. Contact any of the EXPERTS above or pop into The Sandbox to see us for some styling assistance...we are expecting you!

Colleen Tait