Annual Alzheimer's Garage Sale

Saturday June 20th / 2020

10 am to 4pm


Each June, Colleen, Juanita , their staff, and friends of the Sandbox, donate their gently-used clothing, footwear and accessories to a Garage Sale set up in the parking lot BEHIND THE STORE.Items are purchased by our customers, with all proceeds donated to  the Oliver Lodge in Saskatoon. This program is wonderful for people living with Alzheimer disease, as it offers a social outing involving many fun and interactive activities. It is also a much needed reprieve for caregivers.

Tips for having a successful Garage Sale Experience…

  1. Come early! Because the REALLY GOOD STUFF goes fast.

  2. Wear leggings and a tank top so you can try the items on over top. Please note there are no dressing rooms available.

  3. Bring CASH! $5’s, $10’s loonies and toonies. There are no debit or credit cards accepted. CASH ONLY.

  4. Bring a friend as well as a recycled bag to take you purchases home.
    See you soon!