We offer beautiful, versatile clothes and accessories.

We've packaged essential pieces for work, play, day, and evening, all in one store. The Sandbox caters to women spanning three generations, so mothers, daughters, and grandmothers can all grace the space and discover clothes they look and feel great in. 


We're fantastic listeners and professional problem solvers. 

Unsure which parts of your wardrobe need a boost? Talk to us. Need a bigger/smaller size delivered to your dressing room? You've got it. Wondering if those jeans are giving your bum the shape it deserves? We'll tell you with honest, helpful feedback. If we think you can do better with the pieces you're trying on, we'll bring you new options to try, so you never leave the store with anything but clothes that help you look and feel your BEST.

We encourage you to accept and embrace yourself, with the body you have.

Many women, when they look in the mirror, see perceived flaws that can suck the joy out of getting dressed in the morning. We show you how to work with, conceal, and minimize these areas, enhancing your best features, which allows you to let go of worrying about all the rest.


We laugh. A lot.

Shopping at The Sandbox feels like you're hanging out at your girlfriend's house, trying on clothes from her wardrobe. The lighting is warm (no fluorescent bulbs!), the atmosphere is energetic, and the dressing rooms are buzzing with chatter. We encourage our staff to have fun and let their individual personalities shine, which creates a genuine rapport with your, our clientele.