Lost + Found: Rhonda's Style Makeover, Part 1

The Sandbox in the City team is always looking for new and inspiring ways to help women look and in turn feel like the best version of themselves. This time around it was team member Megan that was "called to action" when a close friend confided in her that her MOM had all but given up on herself.

Through health problems and personal disappointments and challenges, she simply slowly lost her way  (as many women do). After hearing all the details, Megan knew that as a friend, she really wanted to do  what she could to make a difference. She asked us (Juanita and Colleen), if we would be willing to provide a complete outfit for her friend's mom at no cost if she was willing to take part in a "style makeover". As a part of her proposal, she would do all of the consulting and recruit hair and makeup experts to donate their own time to accomplish her goals. Well, how could we say no to that? The answer was, "Go for it".

Megan's first task was to get her friend’s mom to agree to this makeover as well as allow us to share her story, so that in turn, it might help others that are feeling the same way: STUCK.

Without further ado, here's Rhonda!


Megan emailed Rhonda a series of questions to get a snapshot of where she currently was in her life and where she used to be, in terms of when she felt better about her sense of self and style. Then she met with Rhonda in person to go over the makeover timeline and what she could expect from each of the three experts involved in the transformation process. SHE WAS READY!

Here are the questions that Megan asked Rhonda, and her responses.

Age - 49

Marital Status - married

Occupation - labourer

Height - 5'7"

Weight - 172 lbs

Shoe size - 8

Eye color  - brown

Natural hair color - half medium brown, half grey

In three words, describe your style when you were a younger woman in your 20's and 30's - Trendy, Flirty, Young

In three words describe your current style - Frumpy, Comfortable, Not-Fashionable

List at least three factors (circumstances, experiences, or events) that over the years have impacted you in a negative way - 

Work - I work as a labourer for a meat processing company, so I wear clothes to work that can get dirty and keep me warm.

Relationship Woes - I'm currently married to a man who lived in Canada for 5 years on a work permit. He was unable to maintain that status and was sent back home to El Salvador.

Family Illness - I currently help to care for my two elderly parents, which leaves little time and excess money for myself.

Health Issues - I had a hysterectomy about 9 years ago which too a long time to recover from, so I was not working out. I also have IBS, so have consistent bloating and upset stomach, so I tend to wear loose-fitting clothing.

When you felt your absolute best, how old were you? 25

Which colors do you love? Mauve, pink, purple

Which colors do you hate? Bright neon, yellows and greens

How do you feel about wearing pattern? Ok as long as not overly bold or loud

Which body parts to you struggle with the most? Stomach

What does your daily skincare and makeup regimen consist of? None

What does your daily hair regimen consist of? Wash every two days

How to you shop for clothing and footwear? Online, sales at department stores

What do you normally wear on your days off? Jeans and baggy T shirt.

Are there any looks or trends that you like but feel you can't pull off? I don't keep up with fashion or current trends.

What are your expectations or hopes for this makeover? To have a new experience and find a new way to dress.                         

Meet the Experts that are assisting Rhonda in her quest to FIND that which was LOST.

Megan Schindel, The Sandbox in the City


Growing up with a single parent Mom, Megan’s family didn’t have a lot of money to spend on clothing, but her mom ALWAYS made sure her and her brother looked put together. Her mom was also a hair stylist back then, and Megan became accustomed to keeping up with not only her apparel, but her hair as well. Basically, she knew the importance of keeping up her appearance from a young age. She began working at the very first “Sandbox” location in Waskesiu when she was 14 years old. Her job was to tidy up the store at the end of each day. Watching her aunt Colleen at the dressing rooms was mesmerizing, as she seemed to know exactly what clothing items would flatter all different shapes of women. In 2006 Megan's mom (Juanita) and her aunt (Colleen) opened “The Sandbox in the City” in Saskatoon. Megan quickly moved from being behind the scenes (pricing, stock, steaming) to being up front (customer service, display and clothing stylist). It’s been over 10 years now, and she is proud to say that she has found one of her true passions in life — helping women of all shapes and sizes look and feel their absolute best.

Joy Tesch, Hairstylist at Visions Salon


Joy is a passionate Hairstylist of 12 years. She originates from  Vancouver and has continued to develop her talent by pursuing further training not only in Vancouver, but in Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, and Miami. Her extended training has furthered her knowledge in precision cuts, hair colouring, and up styling. Hair is a fashion industry that is always evolving; she truly values the importance of continually upgrading and enhancing her skills. She does not believe that hair styling is "just a job", it is her PASSION. Joy's personalized attention will ensure you leave Visions looking remarkable and feeling rejuvenated.

Kelsey Friesen,  Kelsey Rae Makeup Artistry


Kelsey is a freelance makeup artist. She has always had a passion and a knack for makeup, but it wasn't until about 3 years ago that she turned that passion into a career. She is a self-taught makeup artist that has built up her skills by training with other local artists, attending workshops, and practice, a lot of practice. She has accomplished quite a bit in her few short years, including being featured in multiple magazines, news articles, and campaigns. Kelsey has also been involved with Sask Fashion Week for the past 3 years. She recently created her very own lash line called Wynk Luxury Lashes. Kelsey works out of her home-based studio.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of  ‘Lost + Found’ to find out how each expert helps transform Rhonda!

Colleen Tait